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The 30th edition of Ravi Jain Memorial Exhibition presented by Dhoomimal Art Gallery features new artists experimenting with different genres, mediums and styles

A landmark in the heart of Connaught Place since 1936, Dhoomimal Art Gallery presents  The Annual 30th Ravi Jain Memorial Exhibition.

Showcasing works of young artists, the exhibition has put together a striking collection of artworks, featuring fresh minds experimenting with different genres, mediums and styles from different art colleges from all over the country, widely accessible at affordable prices.

The Ravi Jain Memorial Foundation was instituted in the year 1991, as a tribute to Ravi Jain the former director of Dhoomimal Gallery. The 30th Ravi Jain Memorial Foundation Annual Awards 2021 for Upcoming Young Artists is a landmark event, organized to create interfaces amongst the artist communities and motivate the future generations towards art and its aesthetics.

By Abhishek Pandey

Moving ahead this year onwards, Uday Jain, director of the gallery says, “Dhoomimal Gallery desires to foster the awardees and promote their artworks at various exhibitions and art fairs on the galleries calendar”.  Soon the foundation will formalize this endeavour and will raise funds via sale of affordable artworks from the foundations collection online and through charity events.

Ravi Jain always believed that the momentum in art created by those artists, who had established themselves, should not stop with them, but instead new talent should continuously be encouraged, nurtured and supported. With this vision his wife Uma Jain put together the Ravi Jain Memorial Foundation. This foundation provides an annual platform to budding young artists to showcase their artworks and support them by providing scholarships. 

“It was an interesting range of works with diverse mediums showcasing the versatility of the current emerging artists of our country. Working across diverse genres including installation, photography, painting, sculpture and ceramics, many of the artists’ works reflected a firm thought process with an aesthetic vocabulary. Some of the entries were of course amateurs but their enthusiasm was encouraging to see,” says Archana Bahl, one of the jury this year. 

The exhibition is on display at Dhoomimal Gallery till October 22

(Cover: Puja Mondal )

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