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Bright canvas


What: Nature Morte is pleased to present Manish Nai’s first solo show in New Delhi, wherein the works on display present the elasticity and the specificity of the artist’s thought and approach. Titled Regenerative Visions, viewers will witness how Nai treats different materials in the same way, drawing out the inherent qualities of these materials and amplifying them, to create works of a surprising richness, heterogeneity, and eclecticism. While rooted in the traditions of both Minimalism and Arte Povera, Nai’s art pushes these languages into an almost Baroque ripeness, while exploiting an indigenous identity. By upcycling the most humble materials into art works of both elaborate portent and sumptuous demeanor, Nai’s practice participates in dialogues of sustainability and its implications of ecological integrity and social justice.

When: September 19 – October 24

Where: Nature Morte, Dhan Mill


Modern Ramlila

What: Aryan Heritage Foundation presents the celebration of Broadway Style Ramlila – Sampurn Ramayana which hits multiplexes (Cinepolis in Rohini and PVR in Prashant Vihar) for the first time ever. Modern technological ingredients are offered in terms of music, sound, choreography, lighting, stage design, and costumes, in an effective and mesmerising spectacle. Sampurn Ramayana presents a unique exuberance of mythology in a contemporary context. The production by Rajender Mittal is a three hour grand stage show that has been performed every year since 2015, in the grounds of Netaji Subhash Place, New Delhi. Performed by over 100 carefully auditioned actors and dancers from Mandi House and National School of Drama, Sampurn Ramayana will be the first to use multi layer LED screens and 3D graphics, a technology known to grand Broadway productions of New York.

When: October 7 -15


Unbound love 

What: In a land beset by endless strife, nothing must get in the way of the preservation of honour – even if that means sacrificing a loved one. Mena, a young, beautiful bride-to-be, lives in a small, remote village in northern Afghanistan, a harsh landscape that still shimmers with breathtaking colours. Presented by IIC and directed by Nelofer Pazira, ‘Act of Dishonour’ portrays the conflict between respecting the deeply conservative local customs, Mena and her fiancé, Rahmat face while maneuvering little contact, yet cherishing a special bond. The arrival of a Canadian film crew briefly opens a window of a new world for Mena, a foray beyond the boundaries of convention that leads her inexorably down a dangerous road. 

When: September 27 – October 3

Where: Website of India International Centre


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