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Evolving together 

What: Korean Cultural Centre India is back with its third virtual exhibition titled “The River Runs Through It”. An India-Korea International exchange exhibition, it will feature works of documentary photographers from South Korea and India. It is a cultural exchange initiative of KCCI in partnership with Suwon International Photo Festival. This aims to reflect that humans have been evolving endlessly, moving and settling like rivers, and that humankind is nurtured by mother nature. The ongoing pandemic has proven the significance of togetherness for a sustainable future. Furthermore, the exhibition intends to provide the audience with a comprehensive understanding of curated photographic works while also allowing them to appreciate what we have in common. The exhibition features three budding Indian photographers and three veteran Korean photographers. 

When: October 1 – 31

Where: Website of Korean Cultural Centre India


Myriad hues

What: Popular art blog Artamour celebrates its first anniversary with the opening of ‘An Imaginal Affair’, an eclectic exhibition of contemporary art featuring over 40 well known artists from India and abroad. The exhibition presents the diversity and multi-dimensionality of contemporary art ranging from the lyrical and abstract expressionist drawings and paintings of artists like Prem Singh, Hemavathy Guha and Sri Lanka artist Sarath G Perera to the visual and poignant commentaries on society, polity and gender relations such as those by Sanjeev Sonpimpare, Inder Salim, Orijit Sen, and Satadru Sovan. What really stands out in the exhibition and will provide viewers an exciting experience are the unique video art by Russian artist Maria Arendt.

When: October 8 – 10

Where: The Stainless Gallery, 


Drawing dreams

What: Triveni Kala Sangam presents ‘Marigold- 9’ , a solo exhibition of paintings by Kavita Rajput. The artwork depicts the dreams of living beings which they see, think and draw while they sleep. According to Rajput, although sometimes living beings are day dreamers, the weaving of the dream with fiction, joy, melancholy, silence, pain, spirituality makes it inspirational. She has been displaying different dreams in one or the other way through her artworks since 1998. Rajput believes her solo and group exhibitions improve her artworks, her thinking and her aesthetic. Art for her is a joyful and conceivable expression in sync with her latent energies.

When: October 3 -11

Where: Triveni Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam


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