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Myriad hues

What: An assemblage of narratives from old to the new, ‘Fragments of Imagination’ engages the viewer’s perception that are extended beyond the image. It is a reflection on the transience of human and material existence and absence both. Even as an aggregation of fragments, what makes this experience a distinct aesthetic procedure is the unity of meaning or the lack of it. The creators will transport the viewers to a journey of voyages, transmitting landscapes, non-cerebral seeing/sensing, human body intricacies, preserving memories, Gods and Goddesses. This exhibition is a transcendental space capture which could provide a place for the viewer where differently experienced and imagined worlds come together.

When: November 1- 25

Where: Palette Art Gallery


Personal touch

What: Artist Lena Acharya started to paint with watercolour at the young age of 75. Triveni Kala Sangam presents her third solo show – ‘Perspectives Reset’. Her generation was one caught between two worlds, the British Raj about to leave India, and the Indian nation waiting to be born. The freedom movement was a deeply emotional experience which unfolded during her formative years. Travel was a major part of her emotional foundation, whether it was travelling the length and breadth of India or around the world. Travelling and working abroad helped her to sharpen her appreciation of her own country. Her current images represent her perspectives of the emotional fabric of India. They depict the highs and lows of everyday life and the deep-rooted civilizational complexities of this richly endowed land. 

When: November 1 -10

Where: Triveni Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam


Sculpting art

What: After contributing and organising art and cultural programs in India for more than ten years under the cultural organisation “Kalarang” in Delhi, Shaji Punchath started Gallery 1000A, a contemporary art gallery to promote versatile artistic practices across multiple platforms. Apart from promoting cutting edge Indian artists, during this period, Gallery 1000A also has represented many European, Korean and Japanese artists of importance nationally and internationally. The gallery now presents a group show titled ‘Figures and Forms’.  In this group show three eminent Sculptors Tapas Sarkar, Debobrata De and Barun Pramanik,

When: November 1 -15

Where: Gallery 1000A, Lado Sarai


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