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Handloom fair

What: Antaran, Transforming Crafts, an initiative of Tata Trusts, brings to you ‘The Grand Handloom Bazaar’, an exhibition and direct-to-artisan sale of handwoven textiles in cotton, tussar, eri and mulberry silk from Assam, Nagaland and Odisha. Handcrafted with love, the exhibit across 10 days will have a wide range of handwoven exquisite sarees, dupattas, stoles, and home accessories. The collection is exclusively curated comprising of everything from the north-eastern clusters associated with the initiative – Cotton and Eri of Kamrup – Assam and Loin Loom weaves of Dimapur and Phek – Nagaland, Hand spun tussar silk sarees and mulberry silk crafted into beautiful single weft ikat sarees and stoles from Odisha. 

When: November 22 – November 28

Where: Dastkar, Nature Bazaar Venue, Delhi


Contemporary lens

What: Art Centrix Space has launched ‘Episteme’ curated by Monica Jain, their first physical exhibition of the season. The exhibition features works by 10 emerging Indian artists including Pinaki Ranjan Mohanty, Kundan Mondal, Amjum Rizve, Manish Sharma, Mainaz Bano, Tapas Biswas, Soham Raha, Sangam Vankhade, Pratik Raut, and Vijaya Chauhan exploring socio-political history through a contemporary lens via the senses. Episteme addresses relationships with respective geographical areas along with their social, political and environmental history. The artists in the show look back at objects and events within a particular historical context through a contemporary lens. Drawing from the idea that the senses help to interpret information and truly understand concepts (or Episteme). This information varies from person to person and we can see this through each artists’ interpretation of their environment through their individual works.

When: November 11 – December 11

Where: Art Centrix Space


Representing diversity

What: A solo exhibition of paintings, ‘Buddhas of Gandhara’ by Artist Ma Prem Anubodhi is opened to the public at Oshodham. Inspired by the teachings of Osho “To be creative is to be in love with life, these paintings (oil on canvas) are an attempt to capture the essence of Greco-Buddhist art of Gandhara. The diversity of people in the region of Tibetan, Chinese, Persian, Greek, Indian, and numerous local tribes is promptly reflected in the art and Buddhas of that time.

When:  November 13 – December 11

Where: Oshodham 44, Jhatikra Road


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