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Studio with a moodboard

India Art Fair will be held on 23 April to 1 May this year. Artist-in-residence Indu Antony talks about her practice rooted in feminism and community

Born in Thrissur, Kerala, Antony now lives in Bengaluru, where she works between her home studio and Kaniker, the community arts centre she co-founded in 2019. Kanike serves as a space for not just artists but people from around the neighbourhood, and people who would not otherwise be involved in arts spaces.

Here, she also spends time with women and children from anganwadis or child daycare centres in the area, spending leisure time with them, playing games and swinging on swings. “There are no public spaces in my area that anyone other than cis-hetero men can freely use,” Antony says.

The artist brings back these shared experiences of the city to her home-studio, which for her is like a “3D moodboard”. “I am always walking around the city and its markets,” she says, “collecting objects that I could potentially use for my work. All the materials in my studio are arranged in such a way that I can pick through them whenever I have an idea. It is a museum of sorts.

Interview courtesy India Art Fair

Where: India Art Fair

When: 23 April to 1 May


Hackathon for blockchain talent

Representational Image: Getty

Tezos India, a non-profit that enables people and entities to use the Tezos blockchain, has joined hands with Plenty, the leading DeFi protocol on Tezos blockchain, to roll out one of the largest, nearly 3-month-long global Tezos hackathons named ‘Plenty Global Hackathon’. The Hackathon will be conducted on the Devfolio platform, and it offers $30,000 (in Plenty) in prizes (reward pool) – which includes a ‘Community Choice Reward’ of $1000 for the most upvoted, shared and liked project/solution built as a part of the Hackathon; as well as a $24,000 reward for ‘Defined Use Case’ and a $5,500 reward for ‘Open DeFi track’.

The Hackathon is divided into two phases — the ideation phase and the implementation phase. During the ideation phase (23 December to 11 January 2022), participants can create a proposal for an idea according to the theme. The three best ideas submitted during the ideation phase will be rewarded. Thereafter, the idea owners can collaborate with interested developers/designers, re-organize their teams and implement the same during the implementation phase, which will run till 23 February. The final results (winners) of the Hackathon will be announced by the jury on 28 February.

Where: Devfolio platform

When: 23 December to 11 January



Street food comes home

Representational Image: Getty

With movement strictly restricted during the pandemic period, Delhi-ites have been missing their favourite street foods. Stepping in to fill this gap in our stomachs is Punjabi Grill in the Aerocity Hospitality District, which is known more for its posh restaurants offering exotic cuisines. However, restaurateurs there are well aware that in her heart of hearts, the city’s cosmopolitan denizens hunger for the simple native dishes that make life in the city worth living. So Punjabi Grill has sent our brochures to residential areas near the airport to get street foods like Chhola Bhatura and Pani Puri home delivered. There is even an offer of Buy 2, Get 1 Free. The menu has headings like Dilli Di Chaat, Tikke/Shikke and Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye that tug at the heart-strings. The dishes are modestly priced, for example, Dahi Bhalla, Alu Tikki and Raj Kachori are priced at Rs 159. On the heavier side are ‘Combos’ like Dal Makhani (Rs 209) or Butter Chicken (Rs 239) paired with Rice or Butter Naan. Interestingly, the menu has a disclaimer that is a direct import from the West, keeping in mind the international clientele of Aerocity. It reads: “Our foods contain nuts, dairy products and gluten. You are requested to inform the order taker if you are allergic to any food ingredient.” Try saying that to a real street food vendor!


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