Teenagers need power nap to boost academic performance

Taking a 26-minute ‘NASA nap’ has been found to enhance alertness by 54%, which would certainly enhance our learning in school. A short nap will also help students retain the information studied in classes

One life is not enough, I need three, says artist Jatin Das

Noted artist and painter Jatin Das, known to his friends as Jatin Da, whose retrospective is being showcased at the National Gallery of Modern Arts, talks about his childhood, education in art and the commercialisation of the enterprise in this exclusive conversation with Patriot

A corner of Delhi that is forever Garhwal 

The city boasts of two iconic Garhwali landmarks — Garhwal Bhawan and Garhwal Heroes — which have provided emotional support and received a lot of love from the diaspora of the hill districts

Afghan refugees’ school of hope hangs by a thread

Ahmad Khan Anjam started an institute in 2017 to teach English, Indian languages and other subjects to fellow Afghan refugees, but lack of funds may lead to its closure

‘Salaries don’t suffice’: Employees fume as firms clamp down on side gigs

While CEOs see side jobs as ‘cheating’, for most employees, it’s the only way to make ends meet in the post-pandemic age when prices are ‘skyrocketing’ with every passing day. They say it’s the only way to survive the flood of expenses

Are marital history and sexual activity mutually exclusive? Twitter erupts in a debate

Following a tweet by Soumya Mishra, Twitter was abuzz with a debate around whether gynaecologists should ask about marital status to understand if the patient is sexually active

Actors are the heart and soul of the narrative: Ram Madhvani

Ram Madhvani shares insights into his artistic journey and the creative process that has fueled his remarkable career

Donning multiple hats with ease: Veteran actor Rakesh Bedi to receive Rashtriya Gaurav Award

Rakesh Bedi reaches his home-town Delhi this weekend to receive Rashtriya Gaurav Award and bring his immensely popular play ‘Massage’ to theatre lovers

Sonakshi Sinha speaks: ‘Women characters are now depicted as strong and bold’

Sonakshi Sinha explains how the role of women has changed in cinema over the years and talks about her upcoming projects like Nikita Roy And The Book Of Darkness and Heeramandi

Delhi’s first Test class

Prakash Bhandari, the first Delhi player to don India’s Test uniform, recounts his exploits from cricketing days, which includes getting Pakistan’s Hanif Mohammad out with a peach of a delivery

Delhi slip on top-order, pace bowling in Vijay Hazare one-dayers

 Delhi lose four of their seven games to finish fifth in the pool following poor show by the top-order and lack of bite in pace bowling

Delhi miss Vijay Hazare one-day knockouts after loss to Haryana

Delhi lose to group leaders Haryana by 53 runs to miss the chance to qualify for knockouts of the Vijay Hazare one-dayers

Skeet titles for Anantjeet and Ganemat in National Shooting

Anantjeet Singh Naruka, looking to earn Olympic quota, and Ganemat Sekhon won the men and women’s skeet events at the National Shooting Championships in shotgun in the Capital; this is Naruka’s second national title

  • The King of Ruins: A journey into the complex dynamics of power

    ‘The King of Ruins’ captures the ubiquitous nature of power struggles that range from the cutthroat race to the top to the development of weapons for war

    North East Festival 11th edition: A spectacular show of culture, cuisine, and artistic excellence

    This year’s edition promises an exciting lineup of events celebrating the beauty, diversity, and integrity of North East India. Highlights include a Christmas special bazaar featuring Northeastern crafts and Delhi’s bakery stalls, an enticing array of authentic Northeastern cuisine, and a dynamic lineup of cultural events

    Solo Exhibition Ma: Mamta Malhotra’s Captivating World

    This four-day spectacle invites visitors to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Mamta’s art, a mesmerizing portrayal of Varanasi’s timeless charm and cultural vibrancy

    A group exhibition by Art Spectra

    “Art has the power to transcend individual perspectives and bring together a diverse range of voices. This group art exhibition is a vibrant tapestry of creativity, where each artist’s unique brushstroke, vision, and emotion merge to create a collective symphony of expressions,” says Prakash

    Cake-mixing: From family affairs to hotel fests

    What was once an integral part of traditions in Anglo-Indian communities ahead of Christmas, has transformed into a social event among Delhi’s affluent class as the city’s luxury hotels have embraced cake-mixing ceremonies

    Street food gets a platform at IRCTC Food Plaza

    The IRCTC Food Plaza at the Delhi Junction Railway Station offers a variety of street food options 24 hours a day; it is open to outsiders as well as travellers

    The purr-fect pet? Why city’s in grip of cat fever

    Demand for cats has increased after lockdown as they are easy to maintain, manage themselves well and don’t need to be accompanied outdoors like dogs

    Exploring the winter wraparound

    From Kashmir’s premium Pashmina to Kullu, Naga and Bhujodi, India boasts of a variety of shawls; textiles expert Nidhi Jain provides her insight

    An Army Captain’s Journey from Cantonments to Global Acclaim

    Manjeet Singh Bullar incorporates diverse forms to preserve traditional art for contemporary and future generations

    Why Biki Oberoi, the grand old man of Indian hotel industry and Chairman Emeritus of Oberoi Group, asked Bhutto’s friend to design Oberoi Intercontinental | Obituary

    ‘PRS Oberoi lived a full life. He was an icon, no doubt,’ friends and acquaintances remember Biki Oberoi, who died on Tuesday

    ‘Resham Sutra’, gives fresh hope to weavers in rural India

    The Delhi-based start-up manufactures machines that run on renewable energy and make life easy for the artisans

    Ashwani Khurana: A businessman who builds sustainable societies

    On World Sustainability Day, meet enterprising Ashwani Khurana, the country’s highest tax-payer in 1989, who is now making money by building an environment-friendly society around him

    Desi Oon Festival: Centuries-Old craft meets modern mastery

    From the sheep-rearing heartland of north and northeastern hills to the Deccani sheep of the South and the carpet-rich landscapes of Bikaner, this festival celebrates the rich and diverse heritage of Indian wool

    In Radhakrishnan’s Retrospective, Thrives Musui and Maiya

    Celebrated sculptor Radhakrishnan has amassed an extensive portfolio over the course of five decades for infusing a sense of fluidity and lightness into the traditionally weighty medium of bronze. His latest exhibition “On the Open Road” showcases a selection of his most iconic pieces on Musui and Maiya, which are partly a reflected of his alter-ego and partly fictional

    A thousand splendid smells at Khari Baoli, Asia’s largest spice market

    Tucked  inside the chaotic lanes of Chandni Chowk, lies a section of old Delhi solely dedicated to spices and herbs

    Chhath Puja: Yamuna’s toxic foam fails to dampen devotees’ faith

    On the final days of Chhath Puja, a tapestry of faith unfolded amid celebrations, despite the Yamuna’s polluted water