7 Beautiful Birds with Green Feathers

Eclectus Parrot

Known for its striking green and red plumage, with males and females exhibiting different colour variations..

Quaker Parrot

Small, green parrots with a distinctive gray face and throat, native to South America but established in many parts of the world.

Green Finch

Common in Europe and Asia, characterized by bright green plumage with yellow highlights..

Popular pet bird with bright green feathers, often with yellow face markings..

Budgerigar (Green Budgie)

Playful and social parrots native to South America, featuring green bodies with colourful accents on their cheeks.

Green-cheeked Conure

A dazzling hummingbird found in Central and South America, named for its vibrant green throat..

Green-throated Mango

African bird known for its emerald green plumage and distinctive crest, found in forested regions.

Green Turaco