7 Health Benefits Of Lassi

Aids Digestion

Packed with probiotics, lassi improves digestion, prevents bloating, and reduces gastrointestinal issues

Boosts Immunity

Probiotics in lassi enhance the immune system, helping the body fight infections more effectively

Promotes Bone Health

Rich in calcium and vitamin D, lassi helps maintain strong bones and teeth, preventing osteoporosis

Lassi replenishes fluids and electrolytes, keeping the body hydrated and preventing heatstroke

Hydrates the Body

Helps in Weight Management

Low in calories and high in protein, lassi keeps you full longer, reducing snacking urges

Reduces Acidity

Lassi's cooling properties neutralize stomach acids, providing relief from acidity and heartburn

Improves Skin Health

Vitamins and minerals in lassi contribute to healthy, glowing skin, combating issues like acne and dryness