7 Monsoon Breakfast Recipes

Masala Chai with Besan Chilla

Pair a steaming cup of masala chai with crispy, spicy besan chilla for a perfect monsoon breakfast


Enjoy light and fluffy poha, made with flattened rice, peanuts, and a hint of lemon

Moong Dal Cheela

This protein-packed savoury pancake made from moong dal is best served with green chutney

Crispy pakoras with tangy mint chutney are a quintessential monsoon delight

Pakoras with Mint Chutney


A comforting dish made from semolina and vegetables, ideal for rainy mornings


A nutritious South Indian dosa made from green gram, served with ginger or coconut chutney

Masala Oats

Quick and healthy, masala oats cooked with vegetables and spices offer a warm start to the day