Benefits of Curd in Summers

Nutrient Powerhouse

Curd is rich in probiotics, calcium, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals, promoting overall health


With its high water content, curd helps keep the body hydrated and maintains electrolyte balance, preventing heat-related ailments

Digestive Delight

The probiotics in curd enhance gut health and aid digestion, reducing the risk of bloating and constipation

Skin Saviour

Curd’s lactic acid exfoliates dead skin cells, giving you a natural glow. It also soothes sunburns and reduces skin irritation

Weight Management

Low in calories yet high in protein, curd keeps you full longer, aiding in weight management

Versatile and Delicious

Enjoy curd in smoothies, raita, parfaits, or as a marinade. Its versatility ensures it can be a part of various dishes

Easy to Make

Homemade curd is simple to prepare. Boil milk, let it cool, add a small amount of existing curd as a starter, and let it ferment overnight