Delhi's Top 7  Influencers: Fashion, Fitness, Food, Travel, and More

Gaurav Taneja

Fitness enthusiast, pilot, and vlogger known for his fitness journey and family vlogs

Dolly Singh

Founder of the fashion brand "Pipa Bella" and known for her fashion and Comedy content

Srishti Dixit

Humorous takes on everyday life, engaging storytelling, and her work with BuzzFeed India

Food blogger and baker known for his visually appealing desserts and baking tips

Shivesh Bhatia

Comedy sketches, honest beauty reviews, and addressing societal issues with a humorous twist

Ankush Bhaguna

Fashion and lifestyle influencer known for her bohemian style and travel content

Kritika Khurana

Travel influencers and bloggers known for their travel adventures and stunning photography

Savi and Vid