Top Visa-Free Destinations for Indian Passport Holders


Thailand extends visa-free travel for Indians until November 11, 2024, featuring beautiful beaches and a lively culture


Indians can travel visa-free to Qatar for 30 days, experiencing its impressive infrastructure and modern capital, Doha


Renowned for stunning waters, coral reefs, and sea turtles, Indian passport holders can visit visa-free for 30 days


Indian nationals can enjoy up to 6 months of visa-free travel to Dominica, known for its tropical rainforests and hot springs


Indians can stay up to 90 days visa-free in Mauritius, a tropical paradise with pristine beaches and coral reefs


Indians can travel visa-free to Kenya for 90 days, known for its wildlife and safari experiences


Indian passport holders can enjoy 14 days of visa-free travel to Bhutan, known for its snow-capped peaks, vibrant monasteries, and rich spiritual culture