-December 13, 2022

After the visit, Civil Aviation Minister Scindia told a television channel that various measures have been taken and that the situation would be resolved in the coming days


-July 5, 2022

Studio Art presents a group show Chance, Chaos, Catharsis curated by Jesal Thacker showing artists Aaditi Joshi, Atul Bhalla, Kausik Mukhopadhyay, M Pravat, Mark Prime, Navin Thomas, Pooja Iranna and Shivani Aggarwal


-May 10, 2018

Traffic bottlenecks continue to dog the city, despite all the scientific planning and the new Metro routes and flyovers. Perhaps the answer lies in project delays Delhi is a city of constant construction. When will one be able to see roads without girders, scaffolding, and the haze of dust, coupled with the inevitable traffic congestion […]