Mohd Shehwaaz Khan -May 26, 2023

Akra looks to revolutionise Delhi’s cuisine and entertainment scene with its distinct ambience and appealing offers, emerging as a must-visit place for Delhites and leaving a lasting imprint on the city’s environment


Akash Mukherjee -March 24, 2022

While travelling, a place to stay at or just to stop at is vital. The place should be equipped with basics like a bed, a clean bathroom and food. Facilities and amenities are secondary – but equally important. What if we were to tell you that you would get all these requests fulfilled within a […]


-September 11, 2021

As the world copes with the pandemic, the hospitality industry has come up with innovative ways to keep their businesses up and running The Covid-19 pandemic has forced industries to rethink their approach for the future and to bring about changes that can cope with not just the current pandemic but also the challenges to […]