Anmol Nath Bali -April 26, 2022

High demand for groceries amid climate change and an international war has led to a rise in inflation. India’s inflation rate has now climbed to 6.95%, a 17-month high. Patriot takes a look at the prices of different food items across the market. 


Shruty Yadav and Judith Mariya Antony -March 30, 2022

Avantika Meattle’s exhibition of photographs taken on a recent trip to Ukraine highlights the eclectic architecture of buildings which may have now been reduced to rubble


Angshuman Chowdhury -March 8, 2018

The routine exposure to unsanitised war photos on social media has led to normalisation of wartime brutality Back in 1991, when American photojournalist Kenneth Jarecke returned home after a stint in the raging, dusty battle-plains of Kuwait, he carried with him a highly distressing photograph: a charred Iraqi soldier barely clambering out of his vehicle […]