Canvassing the creator of life

ByProma Chakraborty

Dec 20, 2018

Nature, along with women, form the two protagonists for Renuka Gulati’s work on both canvas and sculpture

“Surrealistic contemporary” is how artist Renuka Sondhi Gulati likes to describe her work. In an ongoing exhibition, titled ‘Meandering Journey’ painter and sculptor Renuka, comes together with US-based photographer Kaushik Amruthur to showcase their work.

Nature, along with women, form the two protagonists for Renuka’s work on both canvas and sculpture. Choosing to explore the life of new age women in a contemporary new age setting, she says, “Being a woman, I naturally feel more sensitive towards women.”

“Renuka’s canvas is a celebration of the living spirit embodied in the one who creates life – the woman, who endures pain and suffering, yet becomes the bridge to a liberating future,” reads a note on the exhibition.

Focusing on the contemporary issues of these days, she interweaves nature with women into most of her works. In one of the works titled ‘My roots in my country’, Renuka has painted a woman lying at the roots of a tree with her eyes closed, in a background marked with sky rises and buildings. “It’s interwoven, like a tree has its deep roots on the land, in a similar manner people, wherever they go, can’t really forget their roots.”

In another work, titled ‘Where should I go’, a tree is intermingled with a woman, and is asking through her, where should it go as everything is turning into a concrete jungle.

Renuka’s work contextualises the world leading us to Kaushik’s photographs. Deriving his inspiration from forms, patterns and textures in people, architecture and landscapes, his photos are all in black and white. His photographs reflect the indigenous history and cultures of communities who thrive in the Southwestern U.S. and Alaska.

Both the artists had seen each other’s work in America for the first time and believed that it complements each other. “I like the presentation and the colour he has used in his work. Even though both works are different, it complements each other,” she explains.

With 12 photographs and seven paintings along with 10 sculptures, the exhibition depicts the journey of the artists. Their coalition is not simply geographical. “Their work traverse multiple thoughts and locales, and their exhibition enables the viewer the same journey- literal and metaphorical.”

The exhibition will be on display till December 23, at Shridharani Gallery of Triveni Kala Sangam.