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Bollywood beats lockdown blues

From sharing life lessons to reciting poetries – Bollywood celebs are entertaining their fans even amid lockdown

Do you need some motivation to clean that messy corner of your room? Or, do you want some life lessons or guidance? Well, no need to watch DIY videos or read a self-help book. Because Bollywood celebrities are here to do the honours!

With the whole world shut inside their home amid the global pandemic, the online content comes as an ‘angel in disguise.’ People are relying on OTT and social media platforms for their daily dose of entertainment. And Bollywood celebrities are thus making the most of this platform by taking on unique roles.

While some are showcasing their ‘home-management’ skills, others are nurturing their poetic or philosophical side. And Instagram, being one of the most popular platforms, serves as their medium to reach out to their fans. 

Patriot takes a look at the Instagram profiles of several Bollywood celebs and chose the eight most entertaining ones – who have successfully managed to keep their fans engaged and entertained amid the quarantine! 

Deepika Padukone

This diva has started a “series.” Don’t jump to conclusions.. This one is more like a series of Instagram posts – which shows the activities she has engaged with while in quarantine. She names each one, referring to the episode number. With tags like ‘Productivity in the time of Covid-19.’ Be it posting a photo after her home workout session, or that of a messy wardrobe which she intends to clean or showcasing her organising skills by putting up a photo of name tags of all food items in her kitchen – Deepika has managed to keep us hooked.

Katrina Kaif

“Can’t go to the gym so sharing the workout that Yas (her gym trainer Yasmin) and I did at home. Stay safe and be active if u can,” wrote Katrina in one of her Instagram workout videos. Call it PR strategy or connecting with fans, this glamorous actor is actively keeping her fans engaged. From posting workout videos (where she urges her followers to try them at home) to showcasing how adept she is at household chores – Katrina keeps motivating her fans in numerous ways.

Alia Bhatt

If you feel like being lazy, or take things slow amid the lockdown – then Alia Bhatt’s Instagram account is just for you! She posts about the books she is reading, or watching the sunset, taking selfies, going through old photos, taking pictures of her pets – all of which will make you want to sit back and take things easy!

Ayushmann Khurrana

“We are all self-isolating currently and for me, I can pass days writing and reading poetry & books…” wrote actor Ayushmann Khurrana in one of his Insta posts. And thus began the journey of his recitation. The talented actor regularly shares some lovely poems with the world — written by some of the most incredible young poets and writers of our generation. Hopefully, in these times, some people will find a lot of hope and solace in these writings,” he wrote. Not only this, since he himself is into versifying, he has also shared some of his works with his fans and followers. This poetic side of him has been keeping his followers entertained.

Vir Das

 “I promise you even the Coronavirus has a bright side! WELCOME TO MY BRAND NEW SHOW! Where we take the darkest thoughts in our head and turn them into comedy. So the next time you think them, it doesn’t seem too bad. Do share with those feeling low; we all need to look on the bright side!” read comedian Vir Das’s post on Insta, wherein he launched the aforementioned online show. Being a great performer, all his content has been helping his fans to keep those quarantine blues away!

Kangana Ranuat

If you want some spiritual gyan, along with life lessons, then Kangana Ranaut’s profile is for you. She has been sharing videos wherein she’s seen talking about sadhana (prayer) and why it is important for everyone, or providing health tips and throwing light on her spiritual journey. All these are insightful and might inspire you to nurture your spiritual side.

Anupam Kher

“My first ever try at #Karaoke with my favourite song. Ignore the voice and the singing. Just focus on the joy and the passion behind the attempt,” wrote veteran actor Anupam Kher while posting his karaoke video on his Insta account. Apart from this, he started a series of posts under the title: ‘Conversations with myself’, where he shares his thoughts on various subjects. To make this more interesting, he started another series named “Call people who make you happy”. And the first person he chatted with, over a video call, was his fellow actor Johny Lever.

Arunoday Singh

His Instagram name is ‘Sufi Soul’ and one can find his poems by scrolling through his account. Amid lockdown, to keep up the spirits of his fans, actor Arunoday Singh started a series of posts where he recites some thoughtful poetry by iconic poets. “Just an idea I had to try and share the not inconsiderable healing that I get from reading my favourite poems out loud. Just to try and add light to this darkening place. Just to speak to you,” he wrote while declaring the inception of these posts on Insta. And his fans have been thoroughly enjoying these since then.