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Art down the ages

A history of our vast heritage will now be available as a podcast

Galleries and art foundations are continuously finding new ways of taking art to the people in this lockdown. Exhibitions are being displayed virtually, social media is being put to the best use, and new modes like podcasts are being explored to bring people closer to art.

“While we are at a vantage point to be able to look back at art from thousands of years ago, it is the right time to feel art not through our eyes but through our ears as we indulge in the stories and tales that India and its vast history of art have to tell us,” says art patron and collector Shalini Passi, founder of Mash.

An online arts platform, Mash, presents a series of podcasts – Indian Art History. The podcast features information about the ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary exhibits of Indian art.

Starting from the prehistoric times to the early 21st century, each episode will talk about the artistic approaches and styles that find prominence throughout different time periods. With a total of 20 episodes, it will be coursing through a detailed analysis of Indian art, piece by piece and site by site.

The aim of the podcast is to engage in the ways of seeing Indian art by creating a dialogue with the art of prehistoric age, of Buddhist, Hindu (ancient), Indo-Islamic (medieval), and Colonial influences and the recent art of modern and contemporary times.

Hosted by Ayushi Chaurasia, an art educator, art and culture writer, it will tread on various unexplored pathways, discussing them in detail.

Mash Podcasts already features a few episodes in which leading figures from the arts lend their voice to discuss their practice and deliver crisp, informative episodes.

The upcoming podcast invites all to dive into the depths of the art and culture of India and will be available on Google Podcasts, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.