What to do in Dilli Haat

- March 18, 2023
| By : Mohd Shehwaaz Khan |

Experience Delhi's bustling market scene at Dilli Haat, open every day from 10:30 am to 10 pm and conveniently located near the Dilli Haat INA metro station with an entry fee of just Rs 30

Dilli Haat

One of the most exciting and tranquilizing places that Delhiites like to visit is Dilli Hatt. Located in Kidwai
Nagar West right next to the INA market, it is one of the places where one finds art and craft, along with
food, from various states of India under one shade.

There are craft shops, spices, jewelry, clothes, home items, other decorative items and food joints!
Interestingly, shops are in rotation every fortnight.

Besides, the architecture of the market adds to the attraction for visitors. The entry ticket is Rs 30. The
nearest metro station is the Dilli Haat INA metro station situated at yellow line and pink line. The market
opens at 10:30 am and shuts at 10pm on all seven days.

Here are the things to look out for in the market:

1. Shopping: For shoppers, it is a great place for clothes, shawls, handicraft, sculptures, paintings,
organic food products, antiques, wall decors, furniture, and so on.
2. Food stalls: The restaurants at Dilli Haat are one of the prominent things to go out for. Here visitors
will find food from all corners of the country with every state’s authentic delicacies.
3. Tarot card reading: There is a stall at the Dilli Hatt where visitors will find a professional card reader
and fortune teller who can predict one’s future and also suggests some recommendations that can make
changes in your life accordingly.

4. Cultural activities: Visitors might get a chance to witness one of the best cultural performances
performed by professional artists and can get amused and astonished by their skills.

5. Children’s play zone: The market has a corner to keep children busy and for their enjoyment. This
way, both the children and the adults can enjoy to the fullest.

6. Hair braiding or Mehendi: Near the entrance, visitors can find the stall where the shopkeepers are
ready to braid the hair or apply mehendi on the hand with decorative designs as per desire.