MCD may reduce film shooting charges in Delhi

- November 25, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

According to the proposal, the time designated for film shooting on an MCD property will be divided into three shifts of eight hours. Earlier, the MCD used to charge Rs 75,000 for a 24-hour full day slot

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The Municipal Corporation of Delhi is planning to introduce a proposal during the upcoming House meeting aimed at reducing the expenses associated with filming in the city, an official said.

“The proposal seeks to significantly cut down the costs for filming in Delhi. It suggests a rate of Rs 15,000 for an eight-hour per day slot and Rs 25,000 for a full 24-hour slot, down from the previous rate of Rs 75,000 per day,” the official informed.

Under this proposal, the time allocated for film shoots on MCD properties will be divided into three shifts of eight hours each. Previously, the MCD charged Rs 75,000 for a 24-hour slot.

Additionally, the proposal aims to revise the one-time registration fees required for obtaining permission for filming in each zone to Rs 2,000 plus GST.

Moreover, the MCD plans to offer parking facilities for film crews and will implement parking charges, which will be directed to the relevant department.

The existing one-time security deposit of Rs 25,000 for shooting in MCD jurisdiction areas will remain unchanged.

To ensure a conducive filming environment, the MCD intends to station two civil guards and a licensing officer at designated film shooting areas.

The proposal grants the civic body the authority to allocate specific shooting locations or modify charges if necessary. It also allows the civic body to determine the duration or date of shooting and reserves the right to deny permission for filming.

This initiative follows a review meeting with film producers, where concerns were raised about the high filming costs in Delhi. Producers suggested the division of shooting time into three slots of eight hours each.

Moreover, they advocated for reducing the 15-day timeframe required by the Tourism department to approve film shooting permissions. Producers also sought flexibility in rules regarding timing, duration, and expansion of filming locations in Delhi.

Previously, filming charges in Delhi for a 24-hour slot were Rs 75,000 across MCD zones, along with a registration fee ranging from Rs 2,000 to 10,000. (With inputs from PTI)