Over 6,000 birds and animals rescued in January-November, Delhi Fire Services data shows

- December 8, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Of the total, 3,247 were animals and 3,642 birds, the data showed

Delhi Fire Services Chief highlighted the department's vital role in G20 security preparations. (Representational photo)

The Delhi Fire Services has been instrumental in rescuing over 6,800 birds and animals within the past 11 months, officials said.

Among these, 3,247 were animals, while 3,642 were birds, highlighting the diversity of their rescue efforts.

Data obtained from the Delhi Fire Services documents over 29,000 distress calls received from the national capital between January 1 and November 30.

“Attempting to rescue innocent animals is an arduous task. Communication barriers exist, making these operations exceptionally challenging,” remarked Atul Garg, Chief of the Delhi Fire Services. He emphasized that animals’ inability to respond often complicates rescue efforts and sometimes results in attacks on the firefighters.

Garg recounted an incident involving Ved Prakash, a team member who received 19 stitches on his face following an attack by a dog trapped in a canal during a rescue attempt. Garg showed a picture of Prakash on his mobile phone as testament to the dangers faced during these missions.

Recently, the fire department executed a three-hour operation to save a dog trapped in a south Delhi drain for three days, underscoring their commitment to animal welfare.

Garg noted a surge in distress calls concerning bird rescues during the kite-flying season, particularly around Independence Day.

The Delhi Fire Services responded to a total of 29,034 distress calls across the year, with peaks during specific periods. For instance, August witnessed 3,158 calls, November 2,965, and May 2,935.

Garg highlighted, “During Independence Day, our team rescued 831 birds in August alone. Every life holds value to us, and our firefighters willingly risk their lives to protect them.”

The majority of distress calls involved rescuing birds like crows, pigeons, and parrots entangled in sharp kite strings on overhead wires or trees.

Data analysis revealed a spike in animal rescue incidents during November, with 348 animals saved during Diwali, while February reported the fewest incidents at 224.

Bird expert Faiyaz Khudsar cautioned about the threat posed by Chinese manjha, the threads used for kite-flying, which inadvertently cause harm to birds. He stressed the need for introspection regarding activities that endanger the environment and its inhabitants.

Khudsar, also the Biodiversity Park in-charge, urged people to celebrate responsibly without causing harm to other lives. He emphasized, “Our joy should never come at the expense of another’s life.”

Moreover, the Delhi Fire Services responded to distress calls related to various animals stuck in inaccessible areas, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to saving lives, overcoming challenges like traffic to reach those in need. (With inputs from PTI)