Security, traffic arrangements set up for approaching ‘Kanwar Yatra’: Delhi Police

- July 12, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Appropriate security arrangements have been made before the commencement of the 'Kanwar Yatra', which will begin from 14 July, stated the Delhi Police on Tuesday

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Special arrangements for security and traffic will be in place from 14 July to 26 July, said police. It is estimated that the traffic of Kanwariyas will increase after 21 July.

According to a senior police officer, preparations are being made, with particular routes being dedicated to the Kanwariyas. A total of 338 camps are being put in place for Kanwariyas.

The officer urges Kanwariyas to go through the channelizer (routes) dedicated for them. The motorists and road users should follow traffic rules and go through their dedicated road lanes, the officer said.

The Yatra is going to be held after a suspension of two years due to Covid pandemic.

Earlier last week, in order to make the Yatra easier and safer for the devotees, the Delhi Police opened a passenger registration system.

Delhi Police tweeted in Hindi, “Taking solid steps towards making Kanwar Yatra more safe and easy, Delhi Police has made passenger registration system for the first time. Receiving the details of passengers will make it easier for the authorities to provide quick help in any situation.”

The registration process for this year’s ‘Kanwar Yatra’ has been established by the Delhi Police.

The yatra participants can register themselves through their mobile phones at easily.

The Delhi Police also greeted the devotees with a “happy and safe yatra” in their statement.

(With inputs from PTI)


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