What does Delhi think of the amended labour laws?

- July 3, 2022
| By : Wara Samar |

With the amendments in labour laws by the Central government, a number of changes in the work culture are set to take place, Patriot finds out what professionals in Delhi-NCR have to say in this regard


Shaad Ahmad Kabir, 29

Poll Strategist, Adarsh Nagar

The labour codes have been introduced by the government to modernize employment regulations. I think the purpose of these laws is to simplify labour regulations. The code universalizes the right to minimum and timely payments of wages, expands social security coverage and eases the lives of migrant workers. These changes will definitely increase employment and output from workers. Overall, this is a good step by the government and will play a key role in balancing work and social life of the workers.


Mahima Seth, 25

Brand Strategist, Bank Enclave

After the pandemic, different organizations are adopting different laws to ensure employees’ interest. They have realized the importance of providing a secure future to their employees. Hence, the new law of 4-day work and 3-day off will help to strike the right balance with their employees. They will get time to rejuvenate during breaks while putting their best on working days. Moreover, the salary structure is going to benefit all professionals in the long run as their savings opportunities will increase, ensuring a better future and stress-free professional life.


Umam Khan, 27

Assistant Manager, Jamia NagarUmam Khan

Annual encashment of leave is a big relief. Also, the full and final (F&F) settlement within two working days after offboarding is much needed. On the other hand, reduction in inhand salary is apprehensive, especially for those who don’t have a high salary package. The idea of 3-day off a week is tempting, but working for 12 hours a day will be very hectic, which may impact the quality-efficiency equation.                                                                                                                                   



Himani Sharma, 26

Brand Strategist, Rajgarh Colony

The new labour law will certainly bring a positive impact on the work-life balance of all professionals. A 4-day work week will give employees an opportunity to put in more effort and enhance productivity. The other three days can be used for personal development. The increased amount of deposit in Provident Fund (PF) is again a positive sign as it would ensure a secured future, and they would be more keen on sticking to one organization for a longer period of time.


Sana Parvez, 38

Senior Manager, Jamia Nagar

The amendments have both pros and cons. Reduced working days and earned leave encashment in the same year are worth praising. Recognition of work from home under the amended law is also a positive step. On the contrary, extension in working hours will lead to burnout. Basic salary will go down, because of which people will have to reconsider allocating their monthly salary for expenditure and savings accordingly.


Pooja Gupta, 34

Key Account Manager, Pitampura

The laws will bring in a lot of changes, both individual and familial. Increase in working hours will lead to a hectic schedule for employees. This will disturb the work-life balance. At the same time, reduction in take-home salary will also have many consequences. A new outlook on expenditures will come into consideration among many professionals.


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