Govt to launch campaign to curb industrial pollution in Delhi

- October 18, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

66 teams have been set up to keep an eye on the fuels being used in over 1,700 industrial units in the capital

The Delhi government, under the leadership of Environment Minister Gopal Rai, has announced a month-long initiative commencing on October 20 to combat industrial pollution.

Rai revealed that 66 teams have been deployed to monitor the fuels used in more than 1,700 industrial units in the capital, even though these units have transitioned to natural gas.

Additionally, Rai urged the central government to enforce a total ban on firecrackers and restrict the movement to CNG and electric vehicles within the National Capital Region (NCR) to mitigate air pollution.

He emphasised that Delhi’s efforts alone won’t suffice unless neighboring states like Haryana, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh address pollution sources in the NCR.

Rai cited a report from the Centre for Science and Environment, indicating that 31% of Delhi’s pollution stems from within the city, while 69% originates from NCR states.

He called for an emergency meeting at the national level to discuss effective solutions to the factors contributing to air pollution in the capital region.

Furthermore, Rai advocated for a comprehensive ban on firecrackers and stubble burning throughout the NCR states, advocating for the exclusive use of CNG and electric vehicles. (With inputs from PTI)