Beyond reality

- August 3, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

World Within-World Without, a group show by Art Incept, responds to the idea of syncing home and the world, and the ultimate reality of the universe, which is ever-expanding and is still being discovered through its material and formal existence

Curated by Prima Kurien and Rahul Kumar, this exhibit intends to explore the contemporary art practices of early-career artists, who uniquely employ material in their artworks, delinked from any hegemonic reference of its previous generation or schools of thought.

The exhibition includes works created during the self-imposed Covid-19-induced isolation, adding a distinct layer to their interpretations. Multi-disciplinary in nature and experiential in format, there will be two distinct areas, each focussing on the ‘aatman’ (the inward) and ‘brahman’ (the outward) respectively. It features works of artists Abhishek Dodiya, Abin Sreedhar, Brojeswer Mondal, Chandan Bez Barua, Ciby Samuel, Cyrus, Kumar Misal, Moumita Basak, Nishchay Thakur, Pankaj Chouhan, Parul Sharma, Rachita Dutta, Rinku Choudhary, Santanu Dey, Savitha Ravi, Shubham Kumar and Viswanath

Where: Art Incept, South Point Mall

When: Till August 6


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