Iterum: An Art exhibition

- March 8, 2024
| By : Patriot Bureau |

The exhibition offers a captivating journey into the realm of transience, showcasing the textile works of artists Rahul Jain and Gunjan Arora

Art Centrix Space presents Iterum, an ongoing exhibition curated by Monica Jain, founder and director of the gallery. Iterum, currently open for viewing on till March 30, 2024, offering an exploration of transience, through the unusual textile works of acclaimed artists Rahul Jain and Gunjan Arora.

Breaking away from conventional norms, Iterum transcends traditional norms, where handfuls of collected threads form the basis of these stunning, monumental art installations showcased.

Symbolic in their ability to bind everyday realities, these threads serve as the fundamental medium that are hand-sewn together with a curved needle.

At the heart of Iterum lies a philosophical inquiry into the nature of reality and the passage of time. Drawing inspiration from Wabi-Sabi aesthetics, artist duo Rahul and Gunjan embraced the unpredictable aspects of life, challenging conventional notions of beauty.

Monica Jain, Founder-Director of Art Centrix Space said, “Iterum is a breathtaking journey into the vast possibilities of what can be accomplished. It invites us to traverse the continuum of existence and appreciate the beauty found in fleeting moments”.

“The result is a series of organic compositions embodying a sense of transience, where forms and structures are constantly evolving in interpretation. Rahul Jain and Gunjan Arora, collectively known as Threadarte, seamlessly meld their expertise with artistic innovation, leading to a collaboration that has garnered international acclaim,” Jain said.

“Their unique language, born out of an experiment in 2004 to deal with textile waste, has evolved into a transformative force in the art world where textile, fashion and yarn industries merge to make this a sustainable and environmentally friendly initiative,” Jain added.

“It’s been a journey of abandonment to be found,” explain the artists. “Materials become tools to shape narratives and evoke emotions.”

Their artistic evolution has been marked by eight solo exhibitions and numerous group shows, earning them the prestigious ‘Award of Excellence in the Field of Art’ under the ‘Make in India’ campaign in 2017. Beyond their careers as artists, Rahul and Gunjan bring a wealth of experience to their craft, serving as curators, educators, consultants, and researchers. Through the painstaking process of gathering threads, they have trained numerous individuals globally, cultivating a discerning eye for fine-quality threads in the accumulation journey.

In the fabric of Threadarte’s creations lies a story of adaptation. Each thread, collected and sorted from various sources, carries a tale of its own. From the bustling streets of metropolitan cities to the quiet corners of rural landscapes, these threads weave together a narrative of interconnectedness and continuity. By encouraging collaboration with textile, fashion, and yarn industries, they have pioneered a new approach to artistic expression that prioritises environmental consciousness.

In doing so, they have set an example for artists and creators worldwide, demonstrating the power of creativity to effect positive change. In the midst of a textile art renaissance in India, Rahul and Gunjan stand as early pioneers and innovators. They introduced “ThreadArt” two decades ago. Instead of employing the warp and weft technique, their works are crafted by hand using random assortments, intricately weaving a universe within them.

Where: Art Centrix Space Jain Farm, behind sector D2 Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

When: Until March 30, 2024