The best of masterpieces

- August 6, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

For an artist, the canvas is a mouthpiece. The artist speaks with vibrant colours, bold strokes and fine lines. In this era of duplicity, everything is fake. Only art is real. And to provide this real experience, the art exhibition —‘Master Strokes’— is all set to give all art lovers a new experience

‘Master Strokes’ is all about geniuses: the best of masterpieces created and showcased by the grand masters. As the name suggests, it signifies the best of everything and here also the artists, who are showcasing their creativity, are all experts in their kind of work and imagination.

Artists from all over India are coming together as one to show that art is true and an artist is tied with his own love and perfection. The artists have been working all day and night to give a different experience to the audience. 

Art is an expression or application of creative skill and imagination by an artist to produce works that is appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Creating a piece of art is a master’s work where the artist communicates with the object and not imitates another creator’s work. Artists, who create art, put forward their creativity, fill it with imaginative ideas to make a unique masterpiece, spruced up with distinctiveness and sprinkled with liveliness. Each artwork blossoms galore enwrapped it so unreservedly and resplendently. The creation reflects the uniqueness of the individual self, of what one sees, perceives, contemplates and meditates. 

Collective anxieties and turmoil surface often in an interesting way in this selected body of work. The exhibition explores how the transfigured, charged and complex imagery challenges rigid perceptions. The exhibition takes one through the artists’ unique journey from different phases of aesthetic formulations: from being chronicles, appropriating the roles of narrator, illustrator, image makers and activists to being myth-shapers. A diverse range of techniques, mediums and configurations has been used by the artist to constitute this presentation. 

Participating artists include Aashima Mehrotra, Aman Sharma, Anita Dinesh, Anjali Mittal, Anmol Labar, Bhaskar Singha, Dr Suryasnata Mohanty, Ganga Maharana, Kamal Devnaath, Kangkan Barman, Kumud Grover, Madhulika Jha, Mahesh Sharma, Manju Narain, Mohini Narain, Monica Singh, Neeru Suri, Niranjan Kumar, Pooja Gujral, Premlata, Priya Monga, Ranjit Sarkar, Rajender Kumar, Rachna Lodha, Renu Jain , Romendra Sagar, Sailesh Sanghvi, Sanjeev Shashwati, Sachi Kant Jha, Satvik Sharma, Shivraj Singh, ShashiLata, Shikha Gupta and Soumick Nag

When: 11 to 16 August, 11 am to 7 pm 

Where: Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Center


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