Delhi floods: Capturing the suffering in pictures

- July 13, 2023
| By : Tahir Bhat |

Several areas of the city are hit by the flood and reeling with water-logging as the water level of river Yamuna continues to rise

The water level at the Old Bridge has been rising since Wednesday after it breached an all-time high mark in more than 45 years. According to the Central Water Commission, the water level reached 208.65 meters at 4 pm on Wednesday.

Several areas of the city are hit by the flood and reeling with water-logging as the water level of river Yamuna continues to rise following heavy rainfall and the release of water from Hathnikund Barrage. Patriot visited some of these areas to capture the difficulties Delhiites are facing due to the floods.

Mayur Vihar 

One of the worst affected areas in Delhi is Mayur Vihar. People were rendered homeless, farm lands were destroyed, and the communities faced major loss due to waterflow. Those affected built makeshift homes on the ground that was being groomed for G20 scheduled to be held in September this year.

There were families lined up for drinking water and food. Books and other essential things also got wet by the water. Not only humans, but animals were also affected by the flood. A buffalo was rescued after four days by the locals.

Those affected by the floods built makeshift houses on the land that was groomed for G20 to be held this year
Locals lined up for food
Wheat and other food items destroyed by the flood
A makeshift school drowned due to the flood

Buffalo that was rescued by the locals after four days
Children hit by the flood resting in their makeshift homes
School books spoiled by the flood

Yamuna Bazaar

In Yamuna Bazaar, water reached five to six feet and seeped into the houses. Locals say that it was the first time they have faced such difficulties and claimed that no official help has come there.

Water reached the area at 10 am on Thursday, according to the locals. They informed that there was no alert by the officials about the flood.

“Our house essentials such as fridge, LCD, washing machine, and kitchen items have completely been destroyed. We don’t know what to do now and what the government will do,” says Chanda, a resident of the area nearby Hanuman Mandir in Yamuna Bazaar.


Mukherjee Nagar

The scenes were no different in Mukherjee Nagar from other flood-hit areas. Like many areas, the water seeped into homes and the residents had to remove their house essentials. Water reached knee-level and almost all kind of work was stopped, creating business losses, as per the locals. It also reached Hanuman temple located in the area.



ITO hosts multiple important offices such as Income Tax Office, Passport Office, and various buildings under different ministries. Water levels also led to the traffic in this area, and visitors faced difficulties on roads.