Kulfi magic

This is a name that has been spotted at some of the most star-studded events in India, most recently at Isha Ambani’s wedding. Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale have catered for big Bollywood names like Amitabh Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor. The business of Kuremal’s has been handed down through generations in the family. Even though the brand is old, demand for the sweet and their reputation has remained rock solid. Their store in Old Delhi was a bit inaccessible to people living in the city, and hence they made the decision to open this outlet in Mandi House. Vishal Sharma.

A leisurely stroll through Bengali market will show the new outlet’s popularity. It is seeing approximately 80-90 customers a day, even in winter. The walls are lined with framed pictures of the successes of Kuremal’s. Vishal Sharma, the youngest in the family business, oversees the new store and its sales alongside his father and his uncle, and reveals that they plan on opening at least two-three more outlets in the Delhi-NCR region in 2019, in addition to the stores they already have in Delhi and Jaipur.

1.Mango Kulfi: They will cut up an entire mango right in front of the customer, and dice it into cubes, so that the you see exactly what you are in for. The cut fruit is filled with mango-flavoured kulfi and then frozen. Each cube you put in your mouth is a perfect balance of creamy kulfi with the kick of the fruit. When asked how this is made, “That’s a secret, Ma’am,” you are told with a smile.
Price: Rs. 250
2. Jamun Kulfi: In a shocking shade of purple, this frozen dessert is diced into cubes and presented in a bowl with a dash of chaat masala seasoning. “If you hold it on your tongue for a few seconds, you can really taste the pulp,” advised Sharma. And once you get over the brain freeze, you acknowledge that the sweet-and-sour quality of the jamun is somehow preserved, and the chaat masala adds a bit of distraction from the strong flavours of the fruit.
Price: Rs. 80

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