Where Bamboo Blooms and Music Resonates

- October 8, 2023
| By : Tej Prakash Bhardwaj  |

Baansera, which is a park full of bamboo plants, now features musical fountains

Visual delight: Audience is often captivated by the visuals that accompany music

Baansera Park, a park of bamboo trees at Sarai Kale Khan in Delhi, will now have two new musical fountain shows after the Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena inaugurated them on September 22. 

Nestled on the banks of the Yamuna River, the fountains have provided a harmonious twist to the unique park’s bamboo-infused charm. 

Spanning an impressive 10-hectare area, Baansera Park embarked on its journey in August 2022, welcoming bamboo saplings from different corners of the country, including Assam. Today, this 28-acre site boasts 30,000 thriving bamboo plants, symbolising administration’s commitment to nature and greenery. 

New spot: Colourful, dancing fountain in the evening show

The musical fountain show, a captivating spectacle that dances to the rhythm of music, has quickly become the talk of the town. This CSR project, funded by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, enchants visitors with its water choreography and captivating melodies. 

Musical Fountain: One of the evening fountain shows at the Baansera Park

Baansera Park authorities organise two musical fountain shows each evening, except on Mondays, to ensure everyone can enjoy the experience. The first show commences at 6:30 PM, followed by the second at 7:30 PM. Admission tickets are priced at a reasonable Rs 50, with free entry for children under 10 and school students when accompanied by their parents, teachers, or guardians. 

Reflecting water: Glimpse of Reflection of fountain lights

Beyond the musical fountains, Baansera Park has two distinct sections: one dedicated to fun and games, and the other for nurturing bamboo. Here, bamboo structures, including huts, towers, and cosy seating areas, provide an ideal backdrop for relaxation and enjoyment. 

“I have seen the park before, but today I have come to witness the new musical fountain show,” said Aman Singh, a Delhi University student, capturing the excitement that the new feature has generated among visitors. Singh was visiting with friends. 

Lake view: Lake-side view before sunset

In the pipeline for Baansera Park are plans for a convention centre and a restaurant, aiming to further elevate the visitor experience. 

“It not only contributes to the park’s visual appeal but also offers the people of Delhi a fresh source of leisure and amusement right in the heart of the national capital,” remarked the Lieutenant Governor during the fountain’s inauguration. 

Green field: Tracks for walk along the lake side

Entry fee: Rs 50 per person. 

Children till the age of 10 can enter without charge

Timings for musical fountains: 6.30 pm and 7.30 pm

Night show: A glimpse of the musical fountain show