With the huge variety of pants in the market, choosing the right pair might leave you baffled. But we have made it easy for you by compiling the five must-haves

Out of the varied bottom wears that we have today, a pair of pants is the most common one that can be spotted in every wardrobe. One can infer this just by coming across people travelling in the metro to work. The fashion evolution from leaves, robes and drape to tailored tubes shows that we have come really far.

Coco Chanel’s conviction to dress women in pants gave rise of a new era in women’s fashion at a time when trousers were only accessible to women workers for the ease of working. From loose slacks, bell-bottom flared trousers and corporate style pants to today’s low -rise skinny jeans and pant suits – everything is fashionable.

So, what is it about a pair of pants that helps us decide the rest of the look every morning? Available in different shapes and sizes, a pant can solve a lot more than one can imagine. From pulling out an old pair stored deep inside our wardrobe, to investing in a series of new staples, here we talk about five different pants that one must own and how one can wear them.

The quintessential jeans
Once identified as ‘working clothes’, these waist overalls are a strong staple in our wardrobes. After all, a pair of a jeans represents democracy in fashion, as said by the Italian fashion designer Georgio Armani. It is safe to say that a denim pant is a classic commodity; no matter what the ongoing trend in the market is, a denim will always make a statement when worn with the right separates.
For the easy Fridays in office, to a casual lunch with friends, pair it with a crisp white shirt that completes the “fine look”. Victoria’s Secret models have worn it. Simply put: Denim is for living in. Pick up the ones with embellishments like colourful stripes, sweet embroidery, and patch pockets — details that make your everyday denim a little extra sassy for certain outings.

These loose-fitting pair of pants are a dream if one cracks it well. Designed to fit petite women, a good pair of palazzos does the job for women of every size. Wrinkle-free palazzos are a great transition from work to an evening out with your beau, keeping you on your toes throughout the day. Pair them with trendy blouses and tank tops and see them becoming a go-to clothing item in your closet. It is an experience to wear these wide pair of pants. A favourite ramp look, one is likely to see a lot of these on the runway as they come in a wide variety of fabrics, prints, designs, and of course, colours. Sky is the limit for Indian women trying to befriend this style, regardless of their preferences and tastes.
Yoga pants

Some of the most comfortable pants available in the market, the stretch allowance is to die for. Wear these for your yoga and exercise classes or for a little trip to buy the groceries. These might be skin-tight but offer a good space to move well and sit in various positions because they are made in durable cotton blends that keep the fabric in a good state. Black can be the colour for all as suggested by the airport looks of Bollywood celebrities, but a selection of colourful patterns can ensure that your dance class is full of zest and flamboyance. Most of the time, leggings look best with a large flowing blouse and they are definitely an item to wear for more casual occasions.

Remember watching actress Alicia Vikander in the film Danish girl based in Copenhagen? Validates the ankle show of culottes that are making a stay over this winter. Originally worn by upper-class European men in the middle ages, they have found a happy place in wardrobes of women around the world. Somewhere along the way, culottes became more loose and flowy, typically falling right below the knee.

Imagine what a fit like that can do to your structure when it comes in various fabrics; only wonder! Emulating a skirt with its form, the pants hang in just right for every size. Culottes are super comfortable and match best with climates that are breezy and chic. For the ones who have never worn it before, start with casual ones like those made in denim and team it up with shirts and top tucked in for good. Wear these for every possible occasion and let the fabric decide the mood you are in.

Dress pants
Being the most common design of pants ever produced, it has lately been shunned by many of us. However, with the comeback of pant suits, these formals do stand a chance to become a wardrobe staple. Start with wearing these straight pants to office to get a little hang of it. Choose woven materials or exclusive suiting material that will help you like these a little better. Pair it with a suit or not. Again, a fabric with a certain detail or flow will help you choose these for casual occasions.

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