When night falls, women’s safety goes for a six

- September 28, 2022
| By : Ali Fraz Rezvi |

Delhi Police detained seven people from a club in the South Extension area after a brawl between bouncers and women in the middle of the night. The incident has again brought back put the spotlight on women’s safety in Delhi

With each passing day, cases of harassment, abuse and breach of modesty are being reported at a higher rate. Delhi is turning more and more unsafe. (Representational photo)

Around a week ago, in one of the poshest localities of Delhi’s southern district, in the South Extension area, a case of molestation and harassment was registered by the police.

While the security scenario has never been satisfactory in the city, the recent case has again ignited issues surrounding women’s security in Delhi. According to recently released data by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the cases of crime against women have registered a steep rise of 41% in comparison to the number of cases registered by the Delhi police in the past one year.

As reported by the police, a case of molestation and sexual harassment was also made against several of the club’s bouncers after a woman said that they had assaulted her and her friends during an argument over admittance to the club.

“On September 18, around 02:15 am in the middle of the night, we received a call from the woman narrating the incident. She alleged that the bouncers have misbehaved with her and tore her clothes as well”, stated a senior police official.

“We filed a case at once and the suspect bouncers were identified as a result of her complaint and a medical check-up”, he added.

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The police has also stated that the aforementioned club has been in the news earlier as well. “In 2019, when officers of the Delhi Governmnet’s excise department reached the place in order to search the premises, they were assaulted. The owner of this club, his son and other bouncers were involved in it”, stated the police official.
On the other hand, the owner of the club has complained about extortion and other malpractices involving local police.

Despite the allegations by the club owner, a question mark remains over women’s security. With each passing day, cases of harassment, abuse and breach of modesty are being reported at a higher rate. Delhi is turning more and more unsafe.

Dark spots

Several women have faced a lot of similar situations on the roads of Delhi. Nights have been dark, dangerous and devastating for almost all of them.

“It was my birthday on 18 September”, said Shalini (name changed). “I wanted to celebrate it my way, nothing big, nothing huge, just a small outing in the night, a few pastries and then back to my place. Is it a lot to ask for?” questions Shalini.

“Nothing is usually open in Delhi past midnight. So we went to CP, thinking something will be open there. But nothing was”, she added. “Someone then suggested that we must go to India Gate – as there must be something. Honestly, even an ice-cream would have helped at that moment but by the time we reached, everything was closing down. There were a lot of people and it felt safe until a couple of men started recording me,” Shalini recounts.

“I shouted and screamed but of no avail. There were security people asking us to move out of the place but they never said anything to the people recording me and my friends”, she added.

“They followed us for a while but vanished after they sighted a police barricade”, she concludes.

Shalini told Patriot that she just wanted to celebrate her birthday like a normal person. The situation in her opinion has worsened to such an extent that it takes a lot of courage to just roam around in your own city.

Mugging attempt

A marketing professional working in Noida shared a recent encounter with the Patriot. Sanyam, who works in Noida’s Sector 168 stated that he was looted in the middle of the road.

“I did file an FIR after the incident but the memory is still stuck in my brain”, he states.

“I was returning from office when a group of men blocked my way while I was crossing the underpass. I somehow ran out and found an auto standing right at the roadside, as if it was waiting for me. Without wasting any time I rushed inside and asked him to start the ride. Just when I thought that I was safe, the auto-rickshaw stopped in a bylane. The same people were standing in front of me, the auto-driver was one of them, and all of this was a part of their plan”, he narrated the shocking incident.

“I am still traumatized by the mere memory of that night. What if it was a woman in my place, or what if she was there with me? It is impossible for me to imagine the consequences”, adds Sanyam.

Empty promises

“This is a matter of huge concern”, stated a senior official at the Delhi Delhi Commission for Women (DCW).

“We have already approached the central and state governments to look into such matters of utmost importance. We assure each and every woman in Delhi that the DCW is with them and will be, no matter what. We are doing our best to make sure that Delhi doesn’t get maligned and the sudden rise in crime against women according to NCRB data stops and reverses its course in the coming days”, she added.

A survivor who was curious to know about the answers from the DCW was not much impressed. In her opinion, these are just tall claims. The ground reality is worsening by the day while nothing happens.

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