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Today’s film stars are neither reclusive nor elusive – if they have it, they flaunt it on their social media accounts. Surprisingly, the Khans are relatively low profile

Imagine Amitabh Bachchan, in the 1970s, sharing pictures from the sets of Sholay. Visualise ‘dream girl’ Hema Malini giving her fans a peek into her make-up van! Or envision Rekha — in casual pyjamas off the sets — having tea or spending some ‘me time’. India’s ‘first superstar’ Rajesh Khanna sharing candid moments with his fans? Nah, that would be surreal.

Back then, an air of mystery surrounded movie stars  they were distant, god-like and ‘unreal’. Seldom could fans get a glimpse of their real self. But in today’s age, this gap between superstars and fans has diminished. Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram – where Bollywood celebs share candid moments every now and then.

From flaunting their new look to giving a peek into their homes – these A-listers are strategically using Instagram to stay in the news at times when no film of theirs is being screened. Let’s take at some of the most popular Bollywood Instagram profiles and what they offer.

PDA or PR strategy?

Priyanka Chopra: 39.7m followers

She is the most followed Bollywood celebrity. Her profile looks exotic and glamorous – just like she is. But of late, she has been flaunting her “hubby” (as she calls Nick Jonas) way too much. And that itself is how she is making all the headlines.

She announced her engagement with Jonas with a photo of them captioned: “Taken… with all my heart and soul”. And soon after the marriage she has been posting more and more photos with him. When Jonas gifted her a luxurious car, she posted a photo with caption: “When the hubby goes number one…the wifey gets a @maybach!! Introducing…extra chopra Jonas…haha..I love you baby!! Yaaay! Best husband ever”

Her profile is full of mushy posts like: “Find someone who looks at you like that” or “Honoured to be kissing the most stylish man on the planet…may the style Gods always shine down upon u my love”. The fans are being inundated with PDA — but is it just a PR strategy? Who knows!

Her ‘mystery’ man

Alia Bhatt: 32.7m followers

Being Bollywood’s most sought-after star at the moment, her profile is refreshing and full of life. From sharing photos of her vacations, to that of her cats — she has managed to keep her fans in the loop of what’s happening in her life — both professional and personal.

So much so, she does not even shy away from posting photos clicked with her ‘mystery man’ (more like an open secret, really). She started posting photos which were credited to ‘RK’ – which of course is none other than her beau Ranbir Kapoor. But before making it official, she tried to keep this mystery alive and thus these posts became the talk of the town.

Once the whole world knew about the romance, she started posting photos with Ranbir. This could be her way of making her relationship with ‘RK’ official! Whatever the motive, the subtle dropping of hints via her Insta profile made headlines – thereby keeping her in the news! But amidst all this, the man himself was missing — as Ranbir Kapoor is yet to join Insta!

Showman par excellence

Ranveer Singh: 22.9m followers

He’s the man of the hour. His profile definitely screams this out loud. From his sunkissed bare body to his red-carpet look — he slays in all of them. And flaunts his ‘unique’ dress sense — he never misses out any opportunity to surprise his followers with his extravagant outfits!

Also, his profile is full of crazy videos, like lip-syncing to old, patriotic song ‘Desh premiyo aapas mein prem karo’; or grooving to the Makeba song in Khilji getup (from Padmaavat) or recreating ‘Sarkailo khatiya’ song with Karishma Kapoor.

Not to forget, his selfie game is stronger than any of the stars! Moreover, given his friendly nature – one can spot photos of him with other celebrities – from Kapil Dev to Rohit Shetty! Truly, a showman – both on and off screen.

Fitness Freak

Akshay Kumar: 26.1m followers

Known for his fitness and discipline, his Instagram profile reflects his persona in a true sense. Be it swimming or cycling, teaching karate or air boxing — he is always up to some sort of physical activity — and is also a supporter of Fit India campaign.

His profile suggests that, unlike others, he prefers videos over photos. His account has numerous videos — from film scenes to teasers, to messages to fans or colleagues wishing them good luck for their endeavours. So, if one is looking for some motivation to hit the gym or start a fitness regime, following Kumar’s Insta handle might help!

The Khans

Not so kingly

Shah Rukh Khan: 17m followers

He does not have a huge number of followers compared to others. His Insta profile looks like it needs some serious planning as it is dull. Badly edited photos and captions like (on his birthday photo collage): “Fed cake to wife…met my family of fans outside Mannat…now playing Mono Deal with my lil girl gang! Having a Happy Birthday. Thank u all…for this amazing love” — are big turn offs and might be the reason why he has less Insta followers! He may be too busy but his ‘PR managed’ Insta account needs a makeover to stand out.

Charity came along

Salman Khan: 22.2m followers

As always, ‘Sallu bhai’ is seen promoting his friends or relatives — from his brother-in-law Ayush Sharma to Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabelle. Other than that, his profile lacks personal touch. There is nothing candid about it and it mostly contains work-related posts. All work and no play — drab!

Unavailable, as always

Aamir Khan: 2.4m followers

Though he’s comparatively new to Instagram, the account is quite inactive. He follows no one (yes, zero following!) and posts seldom. But one thing that makes this Khan stand apart from others is humbleness — which is evident from his posts. Be it stopping by at a village side shop to have sugarcane juice or dressing up along with his son and wife for a costume party, he seems to be just a common man leading a ordinary life.


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