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Shruti Das -September 28, 2021

While retelling of classic fairytales as feminist stories with strong women characters comes into forefront — here’s how they contribute to empower women all over the world   A damsel in distress, waiting to be saved by her knight-in-shining armour – to finally have her ‘happily ever after.’ This is what fairytales are all about. […]


Shruti Das -January 26, 2021

What happened with Amazon Prime Video’s Tandav gives an indication of what’s yet to come Bholenath aka Lord Shiva questions Lord Ram’s ‘popularity’ or social media reach, and wonders whether he needs to change his display picture. He further questions since when did wanting freedom ‘become uncool?’ And the place where this play seems to […]


Shruti Das -November 2, 2020

The streaming platforms has emerged as an ever-important source of entertainment for those stuck at home “Cinema halls are opening up,” the breaking news read. For a minute, I was elated. But soon enough I wondered, ‘Am I really going to take the risk of sitting inside a movie theatre for almost three hours to […]