Anmol Nath Bali -April 4, 2022

The recent string of accidents in Delhi’s sewage lines has once again exposed the fact that the scourge of manual scavenging continues despite all efforts of the administration 


Shruty Yadav and Anmol Nath Bali -February 16, 2022

A corrupt nexus between officials of a women’s university under the Delhi Government and private companies who have been given labour contracts have led to ongoing protests by sanitation workers. After years of illegal salary ‘cuts’, a breaking point has been reached  


Chandrani Banerjee -April 6, 2018

Changes to the SC/ST Act were just the trigger. The Bharat Bandh gave expression to the pent-up anger of disadvantaged sections against casteism in our society The recent protests by Dalits youth across the country protesting dilution of the SC/ST Act indicates a huge shift in the Indian social fabric. The upsurge of Dalit community […]