Judith Mariya Antony -September 1, 2022

From gyms to offices, athleisure wear has taken the apparel industry by storm. Providing comfort and style, it appeals to all generations, claim the founders of KZ07 and Athlizur


Jayali Wavhal -March 31, 2022

Even today, in a city like Delhi, women find it hard to freely practice their daily fashion choices for fear of judgemental comments and harassment. Unlike in Mumbai, you won’t find leotards being worn out on the street 


Harkirat Kaur -July 19, 2018

There are people who connect us with fashion by pulling the very chord inside of us. With no set rules or benchmark involved, they use their own narrative through a body language and a second skin. One such heretic is Nikhil D, a stylist, who tells us about his recent collaboration with Péro and everything […]