-February 23, 2024

Vikas Tripathi, the director of the MCD’s education department, explained that the outstanding funds will be released upon the opening of the students’ bank accounts


-January 6, 2022

A one-time ex gratia assistance of Rs 50,000, in addition to the financial aid of an equal amount being provided by the city government  from the Delhi Disaster Response Fund (DDRF) will be recieved by families. Senior government officials said on Wednesday that directions have been issued to district magistrates to disburse ex gratia assistance […]


-October 25, 2018

Can the Aam Aadmi Party use the work it has done at the local level to wrest some of the seven Lok Sabha seats from the BJP? It is certainly trying Mukim Ahmed runs a biryani business. He voted for the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections and the Congress in the Vidhan Sabha. But […]