ground water

-May 25, 2022

If your neighbourhood is suffering from water scarcity, you are not alone. As usual, the authorities are putting the blame on rivers drying up and Haryana’s actions but mismanagement by the Delhi Jal Board is also alleged  


-October 5, 2020

With every country competing to exploit scarce natural resources, a time will come when humanity as a whole pays the price for our mindless pursuit of profit, writes ecologist Bane Singh in his new book Environmentalist Bane Singh has recently come up with his latest book, Resource Wars: Mapping Global Greed, an overview of earth’s […]


-June 21, 2018

This will be Delhi’s fate just 15 years from now. So says the NITI Aayog, and also cautions that ground water aquifers are drying up Delhi is looking into the face of disaster, where taps will run dry, and people will kill each other for a bucket of water. NITI Aayog’s most recent warning in […]