Shruti Das -May 25, 2021

Hollywood’s love for adaptation of novels into films had seen both bad and good days over the decade A good novel, when translated into film – may or may not necessarily bring out its essence. This is a debate that Hollywood has been facing since ages. In the last decade, the film industry’s fascination to […]


Shruti Das -March 9, 2021

While such an idea sounds like a monumental achievement towards eradication of gender biases in the film industry, it might have its downsides as well When Kangana Ranaut delivered a stellar performance in Vikas Bahl’s Queen (2014), it was touted as the year’s best. Similarly, when Alia Bhatt depicted a 20 year old spy in […]


Shruti Das -December 7, 2020

Bengaluru-based actor Rohan Gurbaxani talks about his cinematic journey – and living the Hollywood dream With no lineage in the entertainment business, 23-year-old Rohan Gurbaxani charted his professional journey on his own merit. This Bengaluru boy, within a year of graduating from New York University (NYU), bagged over seven feature films in 2019, including four […]