Indian Army

-August 28, 2022

A “state-of-the-art Sainik Aram Grah”, which is a transit facility for the Indian Army in the city’s cantonment region, is built by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation


-May 3, 2018

The term ‘sniper’ may have originated in India, but we are far short of ‘making a mark’ with the rifles we have Reports have surfaced recently about the Indian Army starting the process of importing 5,000-6,000 modern sniper rifles for R982 crore to replace the Dragunov sniper rifle that is in service currently. It may […]


-April 21, 2018

The government must formulate the national security and force development strategies and allocate the budget needed to create the desired capability In 2010, Stephen P Cohen and Sunil Dasgupta wrote the bestseller, Arming Without Aiming. They argued that India had the ambition to become a great power. Consequently, the country was motivated to reform and modernise […]