Aalok Wadhwa -July 12, 2018

Daikichi in Japanese means “excellent luck”. It is a small eatery popular with the Japanese expats living in the city for its simple, healthy fare. I had first come to this 8-year-old restaurant some years back for some amazing ramen that would haunt me in my dreams and that is the reason for me to […]


Aalok Wadhwa -May 3, 2018

If you’re looking for nigiri which tastes like sheer poetry then head to this Japanese restaurant The theme of Lite Bite food’s latest eatery, YouMee is distinctly manga. As comic freaks, would tell you, Manga are comics created in Japan — its style developed in the late 19th century — or by creators in the […]


Aalok Wadhwa -April 13, 2018

The new outlet at Cyberhub has added world street food to the Japanese menu to catch the attention of office-goers Mamagoto caught the fancy of the college-goers when it opened at Khan Market. Now it has a new incarnation. As per Wikipedia, Mamagoto is an interactive, context-aware Japanese dining system which encourage kids to ‘play’ […]