Shruty Yadav -April 12, 2022

In a 40-year career that started at Patriot, then a daily newspaper, photojournalist Prashant Panjiar witnessed changing media dynamics.


Manisha Pande -April 6, 2018

You really don’t want the government to decide what’s fake and what’s real. That’s why there is all-round relief that attempts have been frustrated to punish journalists Now that the good folks at the Prime Minister’s Office have decided that the government should not bother itself with thinking of ways to check fake news, journalists […]


Anand Sankar -April 6, 2018

Press freedom is best secured by journalists refusing government accreditation or perhaps, even better, the government scrapping it It was an eventful April 3, 2018, when Union Cabinet Minister of Textiles and Information & Broadcasting Smriti Irani, started a veritable bushfire by issuing an order to check ‘fake news’ by threatening to pull the accreditation […]