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Manisha Pande -August 7, 2020

Post Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, while Arnab Goswami started the circus, every other channel is scrambling to catch up If there’s anything that competes with the tragedy of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, it is the media coverage that has followed since. When the news first broke, we saw reporters rush to the actor’s home in Bihar, […]


Manisha Pande -October 25, 2018

From Discovery to BCCI, stories on Rahul Johri epitomise what ails top institutions in fixing sexual harassment at the workplace. A character certificate of sorts on Rahul Johri as a “loving father, devoted husband and inspiring leader” has been floating around since his name cropped up among several others on Twitter as part of the […]


Manisha Pande -April 6, 2018

You really don’t want the government to decide what’s fake and what’s real. That’s why there is all-round relief that attempts have been frustrated to punish journalists Now that the good folks at the Prime Minister’s Office have decided that the government should not bother itself with thinking of ways to check fake news, journalists […]