Patriot Bureau -August 17, 2022

While Beijing in China had the highest PM2.5-attributable death rate of 124 in 2019, Delhi and Kolkata ranked sixth and eighth, respectively.


Chander Shekhar Luthra -April 6, 2022

IPL fans should keep a keen eye on the captains leading seven out of the ten teams, as each has the potential to captain Team India in days to come


Sreya Deb -July 26, 2018

A taxi driver from Kolkata, an illiterate man with little means, finds it in himself to dedicate his life to building schools for the underprivileged When Jalauddin Gazi first arrived in Kolkata from the Sunderbans, at age seven, nobody expected him to turn to social work as a hobby. Jalaluddin is now 70 and his […]