-July 22, 2022

Once a flourishing business that helped people hold on to memorable moments longer, the photo studios of Delhi are now dormant, have moved on to other businesses, or are on the verge of pulling their shutters down forever


-July 19, 2018

Speaking of thoroughfares, here’s a walk down a memory lane which cuts through a cantonment. Military cantonments have been in the news due to the opening of some roads which had been closed to civilian traffic for years, due to security concerns. Cantonments were established as composite military-civilian townships, beginning with Danapur (originally known as […]


-April 22, 2018

Confessions of a broken heart, in a haze of alcohol and tumbling memories that refuse to go away even in the cold harsh light of day It’s 2 am on Thursday. I wake up with a terrible headache, courtesy of all the drinking of the past few days. It has started to rain, crazy mid-November […]