MURTAZA ALI KHAN -November 1, 2021

Vivaan Shah talks about his upcoming novel ‘Midnight Freeway’ Actor-Writer Vivaan Shah is all set to come out with his second novel titled ‘Midnight Freeway’. It tells the story of Pranav Paleja, a criminal lawyer who works at a legal Chamber- Mangesh & Mangharam. In Shah’s words, “He’s an ordinary man with an ordinary life. […]


Anand Vardhan -October 4, 2018

The life of those who don’t make the cut should be a genre in itself Some 40 pages into Abdullah Khan’s debut novel Patna Blues (Juggernaut), you become envious of the lead character, Arif Khan. But you don’t quite empathise with or relate to him, even if you are an IAS-exam failure. By the end […]