polluted city

-August 17, 2022

While Beijing in China had the highest PM2.5-attributable death rate of 124 in 2019, Delhi and Kolkata ranked sixth and eighth, respectively.


-September 30, 2020

When it comes to pollution in Delhi, it seems slum dwellers are being held accountable while the affluent escape scrutiny for their lifestyles which create it   In a recent order, the Supreme Court ordered the eviction of 48,000 slum dwellings located in safety zones, around 140 km of railway tracks, of Delhi. The order […]


-June 21, 2018

Heat and dust of Delhi are real problems. All-pervasive dust has ensured Delhi remains the most polluted city in the world, whether it’s winter or summer. Is there a solution? Delhi remains the most polluted city of the world, irrespective of whether it’s winters or summers. This year has been uncharacteristically bad. Last week, a […]