Shruti Das -January 12, 2021

The film not only explores a forbidden relationship between a domestic help and her employer, but also puts forth a question: “Is love enough?” A lonely, affluent businessman finds comfort and solace in his live-in maid. And the maid, a widowed young woman, shares the same feeling towards her employer but is torn between the […]


Team Patriot -May 31, 2018

In the fast-paced life of Delhi, Metro is providing an excellent venue for romance in transit Romance is such a privilege for the rich. They have host of places to date — hotel, spa, bar, cafes, even their own posh dwellings. But for a member of the lower middle class, or even the working class, […]


Cosmo Knot -March 23, 2018

We are looking for love in the strangest places but one day it might just vanish without a trace. Here’s how to find it in safer places Love is a victim. I don’t mean the act of love. I mean the word love. It is a victim to mostly ill- composed paeans by melancholic youths […]