sadar bazar

-September 22, 2022

Asia’s largest wholesale market, Sadar Bazar, attracts not just shopkeepers buying stocks for their retail outlets but bargain-hunters from around the country


-August 11, 2022

Patriot talks to a cross-section of citizens in Delhi-NCR to find out how they intend to spend the day. While many people may not turn up for flag hoisting due to Covid concerns, flags are selling well and students are busy with rehearsals for the big day


-March 4, 2021

As fuel prices skyrocket in India, truckers coming into the Capital city tell Patriot they are especially feeling the pinch When Covid-19 pandemic broke out in 2020, it resulted in a worldwide lockdown pushing the price of crude oil down. Now with vaccines to fight Covid, things are looking up, and so is the demand […]